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Remote Maintenance System



"Remote Monitoring System (RMS) maintains compatibility with previous products and reflects user demand to the maximum extent in developing the remote diagnostic and maintenance system."

Remote Monitoring System (RMS) remotely monitors the conditions of target equipment as part of the maintenance of the vessel to determine abnormality and performance degradation and to provide maintenance information.
This operations and maintenance support system can efficiently manage equipment to improve availability and reliability of the vessel.
Based on real-time information of IAS(Integrated Automation System), this solution provides advanced analysis function and remote management function to support stable operation of ship.

System Components
System Components
Functions & Features
  • Remote monitoring function
    • - Alarm & Event monitoring and analysis
    • - Trend view and analysis
    • - Dashboard support
    • - Report management
  • Remote maintenance function
    • - System overview
    • - Software update management
    • - Project data management
    • - Hardware maintenance
Login Main Dashboard Alarm Event Trend
Login Main Dashboard Alarm Event Trend