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Power Solutions

Low Voltage Switchboard


S&SYS Low Voltage Switchboard

  • Reliable power supply
  • Minimize the installation environment
  • Stability

Low voltage switchboard by S&SYS has been developed and produced according to the installation environment and purposes and reliably supplies power from generators to the lowest level loads onboard. It has achieved optimum performance and customer satisfaction even in the limited space.


Low voltage switchboard independently developed by S&SYS is realizing customer satisfaction based on rich experience and accumulated technology in commercial vessels such as tankers and container ships and LNG vessels as well as special vessels such as drill ships and FPSOs.

  • SSLV
  • SOLT
Applied Specifications IEC 61439
Certification DNVGL, ABS, BV,LR, NK DNVGL, ABS, LR
Rated Voltage Up to 690V
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Short Time
Withstanding Current
130kA/1 sec 90kA/1 sec
Rated Peak
Withstanding Current
330kA/1 sec 198kA/1 sec
Rated Current 6300A 4000A~5000A
Cable Direction TOP & BOTTOM BOTTOM
Form MSBD: 2a, GSP: 3a 3b/4b
IP Rating IP22,IP44 IP42

Functions & Features

  • Minimum Installation Space
    Installation Space
    • Fully enclosed, non-exposed structure,
      free-standing cabinet type
    • Compact low voltage distribution board (less than 1kV)
  • Safety
    • Tested according to IEC 61439
    • Independently tested for arc
    • Provide world-wide quality services
    • Developed for vessels
    • Tested for various shorts
    • Acquired test results for vibration and inclination
  • Worldwide Services
    • Meets demands of various register associations
    • Capability to install breaker (SSLV) of all manufacturers