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Business Overview

S&SYS provides the best solutions in the world to clients.

S&SYS has been established S&SYS has been established as a spin off the Machinery & Electric system team of the Samsung Heavy Industries in 2017. Based on technologies and knowhow accumulated over 25 years in the shipbuilding and marine field, we have developed key equipment such as Ballast Water Management System(BWMS),
Ship Automation System, Switchboard, Energy Storage System(ESS) and Fuel Gas Supply System(FGSS) for LNG/LPG fueled ships to clients all over the world.

Based on the technological competitiveness from Samsung Heavy Industries, S&SYS will continue to develop technologies at its independent industrial electronic research institute and lead the market while providing optimum solutions to clients.
Also, we will expand to various business fields to become the most valuable equipment company in the world.

  • 20 years
    Technological knowhow
    accumulated over 20 years
    from Samsung Heavy Industries
  • 40 countries
    With diverse clients
    in 40countries worldwide
  • 310 customers
    We provide optimum
    solutions to over 310 clients.
Management Philosophy

we strive to provide best products and services based on customer satisfaction as the values of priority,
all employees reach toward one goal in mutual confidence in happy workplace and the company continuously grows.

Management Philosophy