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ECO Solutions

Energy Efficiency Management System



"This system collects and analyzes vessel’s energy information,
proposes the optimum conditions and provides fuel saving solutions for the vessel."

It monitors energy data of major engines, analyzes engine efficiency and energy loss and analyzes and indicates influence of climate and influence on vessel related with propelling of the vessel to provide an environment where the user can evaluate and consistently manage the vessel’s energy usage.
Also, through solutions such as optimization of trim and seaway, this system proposes actual fuel saving options to the user to enable navigation in the optimum conditions.

Functions & Features
  • Energy Efficiency
    Energy Efficiency

    Analysis of vessel’s energy flow
    and evaluation of efficiency

  • Fuel Saving
    Fuel Saving

    Fuel saving through
    optimization of trim,
    seaway and speed

  • Management based on SEEMP
    based on SEEMP

    Energy management
    based on SEEMP process

Navigation Optimization Motion Fuel Monitoring
Navigation Optimization Motion Fuel Monitoring