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S&SYS won Korea government type approval for the first in Korea.
shipbuilding equipment supplier "S&SYS"
has taken 150 ships of orders including LNG vessels.

S&SYS, which spun off from Samsung Heavy Industry, told on 9 Sep that they acquired type approval for Ballast Water Management System on 7 Sep, 2020 for the first time in Korea.
Ballast Water means the seawater filled in the ship to maintain its center of gravity.

Bae Jae-Hyuck, CEO of S&SYS, says "This approval is meaningful because it applies the revised guidelines(New G8) of IMO, which has significantly strengthened standards."
S&SYS has already obtained USCG BWMS type approval for the second time in Korea, 2018.
The Ballast water has been criticized for damaging the marine ecosystem of discharging places after sailing because it contains the exotic marine life such as shellfish and plankton at the departing places. concerned that it is polluted marine ecosystem. It contains the departure’s marine organism including shells, plankton etc.
To prevent this problem, IMO mandated that newly built ships for international voyage purpose are to be equipped with a separate treatment equipment to sterilize ballast water from Sep, 2017.