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S&SYS, spun off from Samsung Heavy Industries, ballast water management system orders surging
This year's performance is more than double last year's.

S&SYS, a shipbuilding equipment supplier that was spun off from Samsung Heavy Industries, announced on the 27th that it has won a total of 125 BWMS contracts this year. The company's annual BWMS orders were between 50 and 60 units. The company has more than doubled its previous year's performance this year.

The ballast water is the water filled in the ship to maintain ship’s center of gravity. Although it is essential for ship’s safety, many pointed out that marine organism loaded with ballast water from the port of departure is discarded at the port of arrival, destroying the indigenous ecosystem. Accordingly, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has made it mandatory to install BWMS that sterilizes microorganisms in ballast water since next September.

Bae Jae-hyuck, the president of S&SYS, said “As the situation in the shipbuilding market picks up little by little so that the quotation request from Europe and Japan shipping companies have been sharply increasing.” and “We expect next year`s orders to increase 150 percent from this year.”