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S&SYS is smoothly sailing in the ballast water management system market
Shipbuilding equipment supplier, spun off from Samsung Heavy Industries
Won 600 units of ballast water management system.
Exports are expected to 100 billion Korean won this year.

 S&SYS, a shipbuilding equipment supplier that was spun off from Samsung Heavy Industries, stands out in the field of Ballast water management system and Automation system. It is expected that its export will reach 100 billion Korean won.

 According to industries on the 17th, S&SYS has achieved accumulated orders for 600 ships at the end of last month for BWMS field. In June 2018, the company received the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) BWMS type approval for the eighth time in the world and the second time in Korea.
 The ballast water is the seawater carried in ship to maintain the ship’s center of gravity.

Although it is essential for ship’s safety, many pointed out that marine organism loaded with ballast water from the port of departure is discharged at the port of arrival, destroying the indigenous ecosystem. Accordingly, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has made it mandatory to install BWMS that sterilizes microorganisms in ballast water since coming September.