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LNG Carrier boom time, S&SYS Smiles.
Ballast Water Management System, etc.
More than 20 new orders this year
S&SYS, a shipbuilding equipment supplier that was spun off from Samsung Heavy Industries, is seeing a significant increase in orders thanks to order increase of the liquefied natural gas(LNG) carrier. S&SYS has developed its own technology of automation system, the Ballast Water Management System, and the switchboard which can be applied from ordinary merchant vessels to special vessels.

"This year alone, we have won orders for about 20 LNG carriers’ Ballast water management system and switchboard as a package basis" said Bae Jae-hyuck, CEO of S&S, on the 18th. He added "The operation control system of LNG carriers, which have been monopolized by foreign suppliers, has also been awarded for the first time among domestic equipment manufacturers." More than 100 LNG carriers are expected to be ordered next year according to the   strengthened environmental regulations of International Maritime Organization(IMO), which is expected to result in additional orders.

 S&SYS’s Ballast Water Management System order has also sharply been increased since it was approved in the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) for the eighth time in the world in last year of June.

The ballast water management system is an equipment that purifies seawater filled in the ship to maintain the ship's center of gravity.

The company has won a batch of orders for their entire vessels(fleet) from global shipping companies, including two in Greece and one in the UK. The Fleet order is to order products that apply to more than 20 to 30 ships owned by the fleet at once, and it’s been made when there is a trust in the technology of supplier. This year alone, S&SYS won fleet orders closing to 150 ships.