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S&SYS and Shift Clean Energy - New channel partner agreement
Shift Clean Energy (Shift) today announced a new channel partner agreement with S&SYS to expand the distribution of Shift’s cutting-edge energy storage systems(ESS).

The partnership aims to address the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions and accelerate the transition to cleaner and more efficient marine energy systems.

JaeHyuck Bae, President of S&SYS said,
“Shift and S&SYS will pave the way for sustainable energy solutions in South Korea’s marine industry.
The demand for reduced carbon emissions and a greener future is growing, and this partnership is a significant step towards achieving that goal.
Shift’s lithium-ion battery-based energy storage systems, provide a safe and highly efficient alternative to traditional fossil fuels, along with scalability.
By collaborating, both companies are empowering the marine industry to move forward towards a net-zero future.”

Paul Hughes, President of Shift said, “Partnering with S&SYS is a key milestone for our expansion in South Korea.
Our energy storage systems provide innovative solutions to help connect commercial and industrial customers to marine electrification,
and we are thrilled to work with S&SYS to bring our technology and expertise to more customers into South Korea.”