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S&SYS Co., Ltd. is selected ‘The World Best Product Manufacturer‘ in Korea

S&SYS., Ltd has been newly selected as 'The World Best Product Manufacturer', which are the top five products in the world
market or more than five percent in seven years, in Korea by Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and
KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency).

It is the first company which is selected as 'The World Best Product Manufacturer' in the 'Indirect electrolysis BWMS' field. 
This announcement is consolidated S&SYS's position in the market.
So far S&SYS has supplied around 800 BWMS. Their main customer is consist of both domestic and global shipbuilding and 
oil majors.

S&SYS, which spun off from Samsung Heavy Industries in 2017, has been firmly founded their status
with Ballast Water Management System, Switch Board, and Automation system. At the same time, S&SYS is going to broaden 
their territories by introducing new bussiness portfolio "ESS and LNG Fuel Supply System".
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