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S&SYS IAS, Obtain Cyber security type approval
SSAS-Master, Demonstrate the competitive of cyber security

“SSAS-Master” IAS(Integrated Automation system) approved Cyber Security TA, was developed by Korean domestic technologies and specifically optimized for LNG Carrier, LNG FSRU(Floating, Storage, Re-gasification Unit) and also Shuttle, Tanker, Container. (‘S&SYS’ supplied more than 2,000 references in ship automation systems in market). And SSAS-Master IAS was successfully delivered for SHI’s KLCSM 7.5K LNGC(with bunkering), Celsius 174k LNGC and JAWA LNG FSRU recently. The IAS is connected to various equipment, instruments and sensors of the vessel for efficient control and on time monitoring economically and safely.

With the recent convergence of various information and communication technologies in ship operations, the importance of cyber security technologies are increasingly demanding to protect main systems and data in ships from external cyber-attacks such as hacking and viruses. To satisfy such needs, S&SYS have been prepared and SSAS-Master has obtained cyber security type approval (level3).